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Gold Passbook

  • Business Profile:
    1. The “Gold Passbook” is to provide customers with passbook for gold trading and custodial business between the Bank and its customers. Its essence is different from that of ordinary passbook deposits. It is a commodity investment business with non-interest-bearing and is not covered by deposit insurance.
    2. The “Gold Passbook” trading threshold is low. Customers can purchase and sell gold at the price of the signboard during the business hours of the Bank through the business operations provided by the Bank and other open trading methods. The Bank will purchase and storage gold in full for customers , and will not charge custody fees.
  • Account opening parties: individuals, companies, associates, institutions, groups, public Sectors, etc.
  • Currency: New Taiwan Dollars.
  • Trading unit: 1 gram.
  • Means of Transaction:
    1. Single purchase: Gold shall be purchased at a multiple of 1 gram in accordance with the Bank's signboard of sell pric
    2. Single sale: Gold shall be sold at a multiple of 1 gram in accordance with the Bank's signboard of purchase price.
    3. Regular investment: customer shall agree on any day or days of the 6th, 16th, and 26th each and every month as investment days, and the investment amount on each investment day shall be at least NT$3,000. The investment amount shall be increased by NT$ 1,000 and its multiples.
    4. Transfer and conversion to real gold bars: At the initial stage of the opening of the Bank's gold passbook business, transferring and conversion to real gold bars will not be in operation.