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New Southbound Investment

Services provided by Agricultural Bank of Taiwan

  • Import and export trade financing
    1. Issue Letter of Credit for imports
    2. Export bills Negotiation
    3. Export and import: Document against Acceptance (D/A), Document against Payment(D/P), and Open Account(O/A)
  • Inward/outward remittance
  • Foreign exchange deposits
  • Domestic Currency/Foreign Currency Loan
  • Funds required for corporations or individuals investing in or running business in New Southbound Countries
    1. Services provided to Taiwanese parent companies and individuals:
      Agricultural Bank of Taiwan provides domestic or foreign currency loan to Taiwanese corporations’ parent companies and individuals to support the capital expenditures required by their overseas bases. Foreign currency loan requires project approval from the competent authority.
    2. Services provided to overseas bases of Taiwanese parent companies:
      In order to meet the Taiwanese businessmen’s funding needs of foreign exchange operating working capital for the establishment of an overseas base in one of the New Southbound Countries, Taiwanese parent company will submit to Agricultural Bank of Taiwan for issuing a Stand-by L/C to the local financial institution to provide funding to its overseas base.