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Notification of Agricultural Bank of Taiwan to fulfill Personal Information Protection Act

Dear customer,

Thank you for providing valuable comments through the website of the Agricultural Bank of Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”). In order to implement the compliance of laws and regulations, the Bank hereby specifically notify you the following various information regarding the collection of your personal data in accordance with Article 8(1) of the Personal Information Protection Act for your perusal:

  1. Name of non-government agency: Agricultural Bank of Taiwan.
  2. Purpose of collection:
    1. 060: Financial dispute resolution.
    2. 090: Consumer/customer management and services.
    3. 091: Consumer Protection.
    4. 113: Inquiries, petitions, and prosecution of cases.
    5. 182: Other consulting and advising services.

    The code and item for a specific purpose are based on the "Specifications of the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Act and the classification of personal data" announced by the Ministry of Justice, and any change of the name of code or item shall be amended accordingly.

  3. Categories of the collection of personal data:

    Collected contact information includes name, telephone number, email address, and other information detailed in the relevant business applications or contracts, and the personal data is in terms of information the Bank collected from its business, accounts, or services provided from the customer or from the third parties (such as Joint Credit Information Center).

  4. The period, area, parties, and ways of using personal data:
    1. The period (whichever is the longest) : within the time of the specific purpose for which the personal data is collected; the retention period as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations (such as Business Entity Accounting Act, etc.) ; by contract or in line with business needs (whichever is longer).
    2. Areas: The location of the parties listed in the Parties of using personal data.
    3. Parties of using personal data:
      1. The Bank (including service provider of outsourced operation engaged with the Bank ).
      2. Institutions allowed to use information according to law (such as the parent company of the Bank or the financial holdings the Bank ).
      3. Other institutions in relation to relevant businesses (such as correspondent banks, Joint Credit Information Center, National Credit Card Center of R.O.C, Taiwan Clearing House, Financial Information service Co.,Ltd., Credit Guarantee Institutions, Credit Card International Organization, and credit card acquirers and engaged stores.
      4. Legally investigation authority or financial supervisory authority.
      5. Parties agreed by the customer (such as the Bank’s joint marketing or customer information sharing companies, and company that cooperates with the Bank to promote business, etc.).
    4. Ways of using : By means of automated or other non-automated way to use, which is in Compliance with relevant laws and regulations of personal information protection.
  5. According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, you may exercise the following rights with regard to your personal data collected and held by the Bank, apart from the exceptions provided for in Article 10 of the Personal Information Protection Act:
    1. Inquire, and request for reviewing or duplicating your personal data, provided that the Bank may charge necessary costs and fees in accordance with Article 14 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
    2. Request the Bank to supplement or amend your personal data with properly explained reasons and facts in accordance with Article 19 of the enforcement rules of the Act.
    3. If the Bank collect, process or use your personal data in violation of Personal Information Protection Act, according to paragraph 4, Article 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act, you may request the Bank to discontinue the collection.
    4. In accordance with paragraph 2, Article 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act, any dispute occurs regarding the accuracy of your personal data, you may request the Bank to stop processing or use such personal data. However, in accordance with the proviso of this paragraph, the Bank shall not be limited to above-mentioned when it is necessary for the performance of official duty to carry out its business, and dispute has been recorded; or agreed by you in writing .
    5. In accordance with paragraph 3, Article 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act, when the specific purpose for collecting personal data disappears or the time limit expires, you may request the Bank to delete, stop processing, or use your personal data. While in accordance with the proviso , above-mentioned will not be applicable when it is necessary for the Bank to perform official duty to carry out its business, or agreed by you.
  6. The influence on your rights and interests of not providing personal information:
    You are free to choose whether to provide relevant personal data and categories. However, if you refuse to provide such information which is requisite for verifications or operations in business, the Bank may not be able to perform necessary checking or operations, and therefore cannot provide you with relevant services. Your understanding is appreciated.